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Why Choose Madison Neuropsychological Services

“The neuropsychological assessment my child received at Madison Neuropsychological Services, opened the door for much-needed services and interventions. In retrospect, I wish I would have had my son tested several years ago. I am very grateful for the quality of testing services and knowledge of diagnoses provided at MNS.”

“Dr. Porter was very thorough and professional. I really enjoyed the testing portion as it was interactive and informative. I gained important information and insight into my strengths and weaknesses.”

“Although my child was nervous to complete neuropsychological assessment, Dr. Porter was very friendly and easy-going. My child found the testing sessions to be interactive and enjoyable. As a parent, I liked that the evaluation was conducted in an individualized and thorough manner. Dr. Porter took time to listen and answer questions regarding my concerns about my child. “

“The neuropsychological evaluation report provided by Dr. Porter was very comprehensive and completed in a timely manner. She provided very helpful diagnostic clarification and intervention recommendations necessary to help the patient move forward in clinical treatment.”